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Dom Kennedy (Photo By Ennis Chung)  My dad always shared with my homies. Anything I had, they always had it too. LAS: Oftentimes after an artist gets their first taste of fame, they feel compelled to chase the perception of what it means to be “successful”. Can you give insight into your choice to somewhat fly under the radar? DK: I’m not playing up to pretend, I don’t live above my means. In my song “96 Cris” I say, “…My bills too low for me to fall off.” Honestly, if I never did anything again with music, because I put out my own music, I could pay my bills, forever. I can pay my mortgage off my old music. Of course, you probably wouldn’t see me in my Lamborghini but, do you really need a Lambo? That’s really what you have to ask yourself. You have to assess your wants and needs. I remember barely being able to afford to put $20 in my gas tank and getting my car impounded on Jefferson so I don’t need a lot to be me and to be happy.

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