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Longino went on to add that he sees elements from films like “The Color of Money” and “Hoosiers” How to find personal information? as inspirations for where he plans to take the script. Pepsi also was game for Longino and Temple Hill’s idea for the movie, so much so that they are planning to fully fund development of the project while producers begin packaging the elements to take out to studios. As for Irving, Skiptracing apps winning another championship with Cavaliers is still his top priority. But Longino said has still taken the time to give his input on where he would like the character to go. “We’ve sat down together twice in the last few months. He knows the character inside and out, and just being around him when he has all the makeup on has been really informative for me,” Longino said. “And he’ll definitely be chiming Skiptracing tool in on what he thinks is working in the script and what isn’t.” In terms of an NBA presence outside of Irving, Longino added that the plan all along — once the rights were secured — is that plenty of stars pop up throughout the film. “I can’t name names just yet but if you’re a fan of the NBA, both its past and its present, you should leave with a pretty big smile on your face,” Longino said. While the Jackie Chan action film “Skiptrace” is Longino’s biggest studio to be released to date, the scribe has been busy lining up development deals over the past year. His graphic novel “Son of Shaolin” was acquired by Sony with Longino writing and exec producing with Dwayne Johnson eyeing the lead role.

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